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Traditional Cuban Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll appreciate Cuban desserts. On an island where sugar cane is the most vital crop, Cubans approach sweet seriously. In addition to showcasing sugar, many desserts are creamy concoctions that provide a perfect complement to the country’s delicately spiced main dishes. Guava, another local ingredient, is also a dominating flavor in deserts. Spanish influence runs throughout Cuban cuisine—and the country’s confections are no exception. These five represent a taste of the island’s delicious after-dinner fare.


Flan Cubano



Insight Paladares: Tin Hao

The Tin Hao restaurant is the first Chinese restaurant specializing in eastern cuisine to open in Central Havana in the last 50 years. Unlike other paladares, or private restaurants, it is not geared toward the tourist industry. Instead Tin Hao is catering to the thousands of mainland Chinese currently studying or working in Cuba’s capital. Leave your Spanish phrase book at the hotel and brush up on your Mandarin and Cantonese, this is the real deal.



My Cuba Diaries: For the Love of Rum

Cuba Libre, the Hemingway Special, El Presidente, La Mulata, just a few of the cocktails made famous by the Cuban rum, have maintained their punch and popularity several decades following. But as home to the Grand Prix of International Cocktail Havana Club, first organized in 1996, Havana can easily relish in its role of cocktail mecca.



Insight Paladares: Café Arcángel

Havana has over 100 places to eat lunch or dinner, but if you need a breakfast or brunch spot then Café Arcángel should top your short list.

Located around the corner from the famous House of Music near the corner of Neptuno and Galiano streets this café is something of an atypical find in the rough-around-the-edges feel of the Central Havana neighborhood.



Insight Into Cuba’s Cuisine

Contrary to popular perception, Cuban cuisine is not especially spicy, nor characterized by heavy sauces or deep frying.



Insight Paladares: Balcon Del Valle

Visiting Valle de Viñales is all about the views.