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Frequently Asked Questions
What to Bring

Yes, there is reasonably priced and reliable laundry service and dry cleaning in the Melia Cohiba and the Melia Santiago, where insightCuba guests stay in Havana and Santiago de Cuba respectively. Most major hotels in the larger cities have laundry and dry cleaning service available.

If you would like to bring small amounts of goods to donate while in Cuba you may do so. Donations are a thoughtful gesture when visiting the island; however, we advise you to bring only limited quantities of small items which can fit into your suitcase. Too many of one particular item may cause Cuban custom agents to question your transportation of the goods, cause you and your group delays at the airport, and they may levy a tariff. 
During your insightCuba orientation, please let your guide know that you have goods you would like to donate and he/she will make arrangements for you. Please refrain from distributing items to strangers on the street.
Occasionally donations are collected at customs and re-distributed at the government’s discretion. In the event that this happens, rest assured that the items are being given to those in need. 

Seasons in Cuba correspond to the seasons in the United States. Weather is similar to Florida. During the summer months (May through September), pack light clothes, as it will be very hot. During the rest of the year, it’s advisable to bring a long-sleeved shirt or light sweater for the evenings. 

Casual walking shoes or sneakers are recommended, as you’ll be walking from place to place throughout your stay. Dress can be casual, but should be presentable. You may also want to pack a nicer outfit for evening dining if you choose. 

Reasonable laundry and dry-cleaning services are often available at hotels in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Bringing a bathing suit is wise if you want to go swimming, as some hotels feature pools.


In Cuba, goods aren’t as readily available as most travelers are accustomed to. As a result, it can be challenging to find specific items in a pinch. When traveling to Cuba, you should bring what you need in daily life. That way, the comforts you regularly enjoy and require will be at hand.

Some items to consider bringing are:

-Walking shoes 

-Hat for sun 


-Shaving cream 



-Insect repellent 

-Contact lens solution 


-Cigarette lighters 

-Light rain jacket 

-Dental floss

-Bandages, creams & ointments 


-Reading materials 

-Toilet paper or tissues for public restrooms

-Compact umbrella

-Feminine hygiene products

-Over-the-counter drugs 

-Hair dryer


As is the case with most international destinations, we advise bringing prescription drugs in their individual, original, pharmacy-issued bottles.