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Insight Paladares: StarBien in Havana Vedado

StarBien is a Havana paladar hidden in the leafy Havana Vedado neighborhood where the streets are populated by rows of early 20th century mansions. With all of the Corinthian columns, crumbling facades, and leafy vines If you don’t know what you are looking for you will miss it.



Top Six Reasons To “C” Cuba Now

More than 50 years ago, Cuba underwent a political revolution. Now, diplomatic shifts are bringing change—and scores of formerly forbidden American visitors—to the island nation once again. Many believe that this is the best time to visit Cuba. Why? Here are six great reasons: 



Insight Paladares: Somos Cuba

Most new paladares in Cuba have opened as finely tuned, highly polished culinary performances. Few have been as adventurous as Somos Cuba (translated “we are Cuba”), which stands out for its grungy Old Havana tenement setting and underground, bottom up, do-it-yourself attitude. 



Insight Paladares: 304 O'Reilly

Walking into 304 O’Reilly from the humid, congested streets of Old Havana is more of an escape than an entrance.  Good air-conditioning, early Golden Project played softly over a Bose sound system, and a cocktail menu that goes way beyond daiquiris and mojitos are all reminders that Cuba is quickly developing a diversified social scene. 



Insight Paladares: Los Mercaderes

Over the last few decades Havana Vieja (Old Havana) has been getting a facelift courtesy of the City Historians office.  Now the torch is being passed to private business owners such as Yamil Alvarez of Paladar Los Mercaderes, appropriately named for its location on Mercaderes street a couple blocks from Plaza Vieja. 



Cultures in the Kitchen

Cuba’s cuisine has been influenced by a blend of civilizations over time. Spain colonized the island after Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492, and the Spaniards brought the flavors of home and the introduction of African slaves. These two cultures greatly influenced the flavors of Cuba, blending their native techniques and spices with the island’s edible offerings.