Daydreaming of Cuba

Close your eyes and think of a country that you long to visit. I bet what comes to mind is a mix of past travel experiences, current interests, and bits of information acquired over time.

When insightCuba received its license a few weeks ago, permitting us to resume our programs in Cuba for Americans, to say that everyone in the office was ecstatic, is an understatement. As one could imagine, a great benefit of working at insightCuba, is getting to travel to Cuba to experience the programs firsthand.

With that being said, I began to form a mental image of what "my" Cuba looked like and I was certain that I wasn't the only one in my office who had begun to fantasize about their first experience in Cuba. So, I took an informal poll of my coworkers, asking the question “What are you most looking forward to doing in Cuba?” Here are the inner travel thoughts and desires of those who live, eat, and breathe Cuba.  


“The one thing I’m looking most forward to when I visit Cuba is heading to Hammel Alley. I have a fairly extensive art background and both the alley artwork and the studios themselves sound awesome.”- Thomas Ciccone, Cuba Travel Specialist  

“I’m most looking forward to going to Matanzas and visiting the bookstore, Ediciones Vigia, which carries handcrafted, limited edition books that are said to be works of art!” – Margie Peterson, Manager of Operations

“The one thing I’m most looking forward to when I visit Cuba is lounging in an intimate jazz club late at night, listening to music and chatting with the people I have met during my stay.  I can’t wait to add my own energy to a typical evening out that breathes the spiciness and excitement of la cultura de Cuba!” – Emma Rinaldi, Cuba Travel Specialist  

“The opportunity to understand Cuba and its history by learning from the people who actually live there and by seeing it with my own eyes. A perfectly mixed mojito and Cuban cigar along the Malecon at night sound really nice too. “– Adam Sichta, Cuba Travel Specialist

“The one thing I’m most looking most forward to when I visit Cuba is being able to experience all of the great landscapes that Cuba has to offer.  I love being outside so I am excited to see the beach, the mountains, and the rainforests of Cuba.  I am also excited to do some exploring on my own at night and maybe trying some local specialties! “– Brianna Plaza, Cuba Travel Specialist


“I can’t wait to experience the strong energy and emotion of Cuba’s music and dance. I love Cuban music and listen to it all the time.  I imagine that experiencing it in Cuba will be absolutely fabulous.” – Natalie Novak, Cuba Travel Specialist

“The one thing I’m looking most forward to when I visit Cuba is standing at the Malecon looking out across the ocean, because I have been dreaming about being there for months.” – Valentina Sbarra, Marketing Manager

“The one thing I’m looking most forward to when I visit Cuba is visiting Cojimar, the setting to Hemingways’ The Old Man in The Sea. The experience of feeling like your inside a classic novel is sure to be an unforgettable one!” – Jessica Cipollone, Cuba Travel Specialist


“Experiencing Cuba vicariously through the people around me, because I can’t wait to see their smiles.” – Tom Popper, Director

Lastly, my Cuba dream includes checking out Cuban modern art, along with the exploring the emerging urban street art scene and sitting in a gigantic square at dawn surrounded by cathedrals and crumbling buildings while nursing a real café con leche and watching uniformed school children start their day.

So, now that you know what our staff is eager to do when traveling to Cuba upon first visit, what does your fantasy Cuba look-like?