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2015 Travel Dates to Cuba Have Arrived

There is something magical about the arrival of spring: a sense of renewal, blossoming flowers and lots of sunshine to look forward to. And for this next spring, an extra reason to celebrate: Cuba is calling!



90 miles to Cuba. How to get there?

Once the wheels of our American Airlines charter plane screeched on the runway, signaling that we had landed on Cuban soil, a roar of applause started. Nothing surprising so far, we Romanians do the same once we land to safety. The difference was I had just landed in Cuba, on a plane full of Americans, myself included. The only ones applauding were the Cuban Americans, visiting their families. The rest of us still had our noses pegged to the window. 



Summer Promo to Cuba - Save up to $300!

After 50 years of being forbidden to visit Cuba, Americans are flocking to the island nation. At the same time, Cuba is experiencing an economic renaissance, resulting in a burgeoning restaurant scene, increased services in the tourism, and an upbeat vibe which is palpable on the streets of Cuba. There has never been a more exciting time for Americans to visit Cuba.



Insight Paladares: Atelier, Havana

Every evening, in an otherwise nondescript Vedado home, behind the Hotel Melia Cohiba, a gathering of nations takes place at the restaurant Atelier.

The night I went there, the French table was peppering the waiter with questions about the blue cheese sauce, the Germans were dressed as if they had walked from the pool, a Canadian couple was being romantic, and a table full of my fellow Americans was going on about tomorrow´s schedule. 



Havana Reaches #1 for on-the-rise travel destinations

“Havana captures the imagination like no other,” says travel website “Faded glamour meets careful colonial-era reconstruction with a backdrop of irresistible color.”



Insight Paladares: La Esperanza, Havana

La Esperanza opened as a paladar in 1995, at the height of the Cuban Special Period.  “When we first opened, our day off was on Thursday because that was the day our neighborhood had its electricity cut during the energy crisis,” Hubert, the owner, told me while recalling the early days of the business.