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Yoga Retreat Meets the Wonders of Cuba

In July, Cuba Wellness Adventures and insightCuba will join forces to create a people-to-people tour designed for travel aficionados an



Insight Paladares: El Cocinero

El Cocinero is just as much about the Havana arts scene as it is about food.  Built into the same building as the Cuban Art Factory, this paladar pushes the limits of private industry and government cooperation in an atmosphere offering landmark views and enthusiasm for a variety of mediums. 



Kraft Healthcare Consulting Explores Cuba

Throughout the years, Scott Mertie, president of Kraft Healthcare Consulting, LLC (KHC), has attended healthcare delegations to China and multiple European countries that have government-run healthcare systems. While Scott was visiting the Republic of Cuba on a personal excursion earlier this year, he envisioned a trip where the activities would allow him to explore the country’s national healthcare system.



Fonda la Paila Paladar: A Cuban Roadhouse in Havana

In the heart of Havana’s Vedado neighborhood the Fonda la Paila paladar is an eclectic mix of workplace cafeteria, family barbeque, and old-west roadhouse that could only be found in Cuba. 



Preparing Your Family for a Trip to Cuba

Now that visiting Cuba is legal for Americans, it opens up a whole new horizon for travelers who want to share the delights and mysteries of this enchanting country with their families.



Sweepstakes Winner Prepares For The Havana Marathon

Here's our first update from our Havana Marathon Sweepstakes winner, Ted Rodgers. Ted was so excited about winning his “dream trip” when we told him, that shortly after he convinced his whole family to sign up for the Havana Marathon 4-Day Tour as well. Together they will embark on an exotic running trip that has previously been off limits to US travelers for decades due to the US embargo with Cuba.