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insightCuba Launches Weekend in Santiago de Cuba Tour

This NEW five-day people-to-people tour will include exclusive salsa performances, access to sights rarely seen, and more!



The Towns And Villages of Cuba

If it’s in Cuba and it’s worth seeing, insightCuba can take you there. Our destinations include Havana, with its bustle and beauty, and towns and villages all along the length of this scenic and charming island:



Explore Old Havana in Cuba

Much has changed since Ernest Hemingway’s days in Old Havana, the glamour times of 50s Americana. But in essence, the enclave of colonial decay remains the same: stunning, vibrant, mysterious.



Explore Miramar in Cuba

The residential district of Miramar lies roughly 10 miles west of Havana on a coastal strip that begins west of the Almendares River. Before the revolution, this area was home to many of Havana's elite. Spectacular mansions flank tree-lined avenues on a thoroughfare that dates back to the country’s capitalist era when the wealthiest families in the capital moved west.



Cuba 101: A Few Facts that Most People Don’t Know

What do you picture when you think of Cuba? Most people associate it with the world’s finest cigars, cool rum drinks, vintage cars and lively music. Sports fans know that Cubans love baseball, and if you paid attention in English class, you might remember that Earnest Hemingway wrote sections of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “the Old Man and the Sea” from Cuba. But there’s much more to the story of this island than many realize, as revealed by the following facts:



Photo of the Day: A Regular Day in Remedios, Cuba

In Villa Clara province, Remedios looks like many small towns throughout Cuba. However, that's no poke. Its Spanish colonial charm, quiet streets, and lack of overall tourism make it a charming destination and one of our favorites. But Remedios is not like any other small town in Cuba. On the days leading up to Christmas Eve, street celebrations called Las Parrandas take place. Beginning in 1820, Las Parrandas is one of Cuba’s oldest festivals.