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Hello I am Consuelo Perez Weber

Consuelo began working with insightCuba in June of 2015 and has since led more than 15 tours. A proud Texan, Consuelo lives in the U.S.—a boon for our guests, as she travels to and from Cuba with the groups. She consistently receives rave reviews, such as:

“Consuelo and Madeline were among the most exceptional guides I have ever had! They, apart from the beauty and charm of Cuba, made the trip more worthwhile.” 
– Undiscovered 4.3.16 



Cuba’s Best-Kept Secrets

Every place has its secrets. Cuba’s include political intrigue, well-priced treats, and villages barely touched by time. We asked insightCuba tour leaders what they considered Cuba’s best-kept secrets. Here is what they said:



President Obama Visits Cuba

President Barack Obama was neither the first nor last head of state to make an official visit to Cuba this year. However, his trip has already been recognized as the most unexpected, important, and original.

Accelerated efforts to restore relations have united two neighbors who share culture, kin, and, notwithstanding the embargo, economies.  



Obama Further Eases Restrictions

It took 88 years, but the day is finally here. The first sitting president to visit Cuba, since Calvin Coolidge attended the Pan American Conference in Havana in January 1928, comes as coronation of the last 15 months of diplomatic efforts between the formerly alienated nations. 



Simple Tips for a Great Trip to Cuba from Dayna Steele

Last Thanksgiving, we booked an early Spring 2015 InsightCuba trip for the entire family to visit Wonder Husband’s ancestral island. On December 17th, the entire trip and experience took on a whole new facet with these simple words from President Obama, “Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.”



Cuba across borders

InsightCuba caught up with Berit Engstrom, an insightCuba tour leader hailing from Minnesota that has been traveling to Cuba, on and off, since 2007. Berit discusses how her love for Cuba started while on a semester abroad in Havana, her experience in being in a cross-cultural relationship with a Cuban, as well as her thoughts on the current changes in Cuba.