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Famous and Notable Cubans

Cuba’s a small island, but it’s given the world many athletes, artists, actors, musicians, and other notables.



Filmed in Cuba

Few American movies have been filmed in Cuba since its revolution, but the island’s warm, sunny climate, low cost of living, and 1950s ambiance make it attractive to outside filmmakers. The country has hosted nearly 20 “foreign” film shoots, from the expected (The Buena Vista Social Club; Our Man in Havana) to the unusual: Cuban Rebel Girls and Hello Hemingway among them.

Here’s a look at some of the best-known English-language films made in, or connected to, Cuba:



Havana’s Parque John Lennon

Fifty years ago, Beatles music, considered a decadent symbol of capitalism, was banned in Cuba. But much has changed.



My Cuba Diaries: For the Love of Rum

Cuba Libre, the Hemingway Special, El Presidente, La Mulata, just a few of the cocktails made famous by the Cuban rum, have maintained their punch and popularity several decades following. But as home to the Grand Prix of International Cocktail Havana Club, first organized in 1996, Havana can easily relish in its role of cocktail mecca.



President of Cuba Meets InsightCuba’s President

In his first trip to the United States since 1959, Cuban President Raul Castro met U.S. President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and other dignitaries. Now, he can add insightCuba’s President, Tom Popper, to the list.

The two met at a reception for the president and United Nations delegation at the Cuban Permanent Mission to the U.N. on September 27th.  InsightCuba’s president described Cuba’s president as “very cordial.”



Historic Hotels of Havana

Classic cars aren’t Cuba’s only obvious links to the past. Despite new construction throughout the island, its art deco and belle époque hotels grandly stand the test of time.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba:

With its distinctive architecture, waterfront setting, and colorful history, the 457-room Nacional serves as a tourist attraction in its own right. Its Cabaret Parisien hosts lavish stage shows nightly, and shiny classic cars adorn the grounds.