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Our Girl in Havana: The New Street Art

Cuba’s political murals are one of the most potent images of this country: the faces of Che and Castro, strong and resolute, looking out over their people. You happen upon them like old friends: some images remain vibrant, freshly painted by teams of fastidious workers; others are faded and chipped, the walls crumbling beneath them, a potent metaphor for the aging administration.



The Havana Marathon Sweepstakes Winner is

We are very excited to announce that our Grand Prize Winner of the Havana Marathon Facebook Sweepstakes is... Ted Rodgers! Ted was so excited about winning his “dream trip” when we told him, that shortly after he convinced his whole family to sign up for the Havana Marathon 4-Day Tour as well. Together they will embark on an exotic running trip that has previously been off limits to US travelers for decades due to the US embargo with Cuba.



Top 10 Travel Tips for Cuba

So you’re headed to Cuba – a destination that’s on many a travel bucket list. An unforgettable experience awaits on this enchanting island, with its rich history, welcoming locals, and irresistible music. But many first-time visitors have questions about what to expect. Check out these Cuba travel tips to make your trip even more enjoyable. 



Insight Paladares: El Chanchullero

El Chanchullero’s walls are like a yearbook of rowdy nights in Cuba; pasted over with boozy-fun photos and signed with endearing message from loyal clients.  These messages and pictures are testament to a paladar where locals and tourists mix like no place else in Havana.



How Cuba’s Provinces Got Their Names

Before you see this island nation, once off-limits to Americans, for yourself, you might find it useful to learn a bit about the history of its geography.

The 1600s and 1700s

Cuba began with just two jurisdictions: La Habana and Santiago. Each province held equal power and ranking. However, as La Habana grew, Santiago came to depend on it increasingly for protection. 

In the late 1700s, nine jurisdictions were created: 



Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba

There are so many reasons to discover Cuba. Here are 10:

It’s Legal