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Cuban Cigars: World’s Finest Smokes

When Jack Nicholson switched from cigarettes to cigars, he purportedly declared, “The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit.” Cigars have long held an allure far beyond the Caribbean Islands, but their history begins there. Christopher Columbus and his crew encountered, and enjoyed, tobacco first when they landed the island of Hispaniola, the present-day Dominican Republic.



Exploring a Shared History: The U.S. and Cuba

President Barack Obama’s December 2014 statement that the United States would reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba has many people wondering: How did the U.S. and Cuba get along before the embargo? How has their relationship changed over time?



Insight Paladares: Rancho del Boyero

Cattle drives, bar-b-q, and cowboy hats are not typical images that come to the mind of many Americans when we think of Cuba.  However these elements of western cultural have roots in Cuba that go farther back than “Che” t-shirts and smoldering Cohibas.

Paladar Rancho del Boyero pays homage to the former image of Cuba by creating the ambiance of country life on the outskirts of Havana.  Equidistant between the airport and downtown Havana it is a tasty stop over on your way in or out of the country. 



Cuba’s Classic Cars

Travelers often describe visits to Cuba as trips back in time. Although many cities and villages boast centuries-old structures or streets, Cuba's classic cars—on the roads since the early 1950s—make Havana and surrounding areas look as if life came to a full stop more than half a century ago.

Why Do Cuba’s Roadways Have Classic Cars?



Cuban "TiVo"

Almost every Cuban house is now invaded with the latest American TV shows.  From sitcoms and cheesy reality shows to the latest soap opera and the trendy sci-fi series, nothing is now out of reach for the Cuban TV viewer.



An artist in Caibarien

At a first glance, the sleepy town off the grid in Villa Clara – Caibarién – a former thriving port, seemed at strife with its past glory. But as we reached its shimmering coasts off the Malecón, children started flocking and music started playing, disturbing the silence with giggles and games.