InsightCuba’s Vintage Cuba Tour

Visiting Cuba is like peering into the past. Little has changed on the island for decades or longer—so visitors can see its classic autos, timeless buildings, and historic sights up close.

Music and history form the cornerstones of your Vintage Cuba experience. You’ll likely hear live music from a piquete band in Santa Clara, site of the last and most decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution. (Piquetes, by the way, play traditional Cuban music.) Cuba’s ingenious mechanics share their secrets for keeping the nation’s iconic autos looking and running beautifully.

Along the way, you’ll travel by train and bicycle taxi, take off for the turquoise waters of Cayo Santa Maria, visit “Villa Blanca,” or “White Village,” the sugar-sand beaches of Caibarien (where you can expect more live music, this time from a community band), beautiful Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla, Old Havana’s cobblestone streets, and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite stomping grounds. You’ll meet the artists, educators, printers, musicians, and organizers who help preserve Cuba’s unique character. As on all Cuba trips, you’ll encounter the warm and welcoming people who make this island such a special place.

The U.S. government’s renewed relationship with our near neighbor means that changes are afoot. InsightCuba’s Vintage Cuba tour puts history, beauty, and charm within your grasp now—and the best time to see Cuba is always “now.”

Text by Chelsea Lowe 
Photo by Robin Thom