Havana Art Biennial

As the New York Times notes, “artists occupy an unusual and privileged place in Cuba, where they can … push the boundaries of political critique further than many …” 

Indeed, Cuba’s art is undoubtedly some of the most expressive in the world. For decades, Cuban artists including painters, musicians, photographers, singers, sculptors, and many others – have poured their personal and collective struggles and triumphs into their work, and they’re gaining more global recognition than ever.

Thanks to loosened travel restrictions between Cuba and the United States over the last few years, there’s no better time to experience Cuba’s blossoming arts scene. Which is where insightCuba’s recently launched Havana Art Biennial tour comes in: This six-day, seven-night cultural journey throughout Cuba’s exuberant capital city will allow visitors to immerse themselves into Cuba’s art scene like never before.

The event, which was inaugurated in 1984, is experiencing unprecedented global recognition. Cuba’s artists, along with an array of international performers, are more accessible than ever, and during this tour, you’ll have multiple chances to meet them – sometimes even in their own private studios – and learn about their inspirations, influences, and daily lives.

You’ll also attend official Biennial events and live performances, and see Havana’s most beloved cultural landmarks, such as Fototeca, one of the city’s few darkrooms. At every step, you’ll be experiencing the city like a local thanks to the input of your insightCuba tour leader and Cuban guide. 

Ready to experience Cuba’s art culture like never before? Sign up for one of three Havana Art Biennial tours today – space is limited.