The Korimacao Culture Group

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a lot of the world through travel and working overseas. Having lived in China for 4 years, I know that my friends in the ultramodern city of Shanghai have completely different life experiences than those of the rural students I taught in Hunan province; or the monks and nuns I dined with over a fire in the frozen mountains of Gansu province.

When most people think about traveling to Cuba, my guess is that Havana is destination number 1. And with good reason, for it would be easy to spend weeks on the capital’s streets getting to know the people and places of the vibrant capital city. However, Cuba is a fascinatingly diverse island with countless destinations to explore. A tobacco farmer in Pinar del Rio will certainly have different experiences to share with you than an Afro-Cuban artist in Santiago de Cuba.

These days, insightCuba is working diligently to launch amazing new programs which will be introduced after we receive our People-to-People license. Our goal is to provide small group travel that will allow participants to discover the different regions and people of Cuba through personalized, authentic interactions. From 2000-2003, we were able to help many incredible Americans experience Cuba for the first time, and after all these years, our team is honored to continue hearing their stories through our Facebook page, emails and phone calls to our office.

As we anxiously wait for our license to arrive, I welcome you to enjoy a glimpse of Cuba, one that is off the beaten path and accompanied by music that is sure to put you in a Cuban state of mind:

That video was of the Korimacao culture group, which arose from small communities throughout Ciénega de Zapata not far from the Bay of Pigs. Korimacao expresses Cuban music, poetry, dance, theater, art and life - performed by the residents of this isolated, yet beautiful region of Cuba. Genuine and unscripted opportunities to learn about Cuba and its people are what we will continue to offer our guests as soon as we resume our celebrated People-to-People programs. We’re definitely ready. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to join us soon!